Beginner English Worksheets for Children: My Family / He's / She's

Beginner English Worksheets: My Family

Let's learn some English! Best for upper-beginner and intermediate students.

1 x 60-minute lesson: using he and she with family members
Can be split into two 30-45-minute lessons for beginners:
Speaking + Writing + Flashcards
Speaking + Writing 2 + Family Tree

Get 1 Speaking Worksheet
2 Writing Worksheets
A Family Tree
Simple Family Flashcards - Encourage beginners to draw their own

Building Grammar: I never focus on grammar in my worksheets, they show up naturally in the speaking sheet:
Using he and she with family: Who's that? She's... He's...

Have fun learning English at home or in the classroom!

Kids are amazing, and practicing sentences in English is important for beginners to become confident intermediate students!

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