Beginner English Worksheets for Children: My Family: Tall, Short, Young, Old

Beginner English Worksheets: What does she look like? Tall, Short, Young, Old

Let's learn some English! Best for upper-beginner and intermediate students.

1 x 45-minute lesson: using To Be with adjectives with family members Can be pushed to 60 minutes using Flashcards for Review and Games

Can be split into two 30-minute lessons for beginners:
Speaking + Writing + Activity 1
Speaking + Writing Review/Game + Activity 2

Get 1 Speaking Worksheet
1 Writing Worksheet
2 Special Activities

Building Grammar: I never focus on grammar in my worksheets, they show up naturally in the speaking sheet: Using What does she look like? She's tall. She's short. She's young. She's old.

Have fun learning English at home or in the classroom!

Kids are amazing, and practicing sentences in English is important for beginners to become confident intermediate students!

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